• CovSocial Brochure Release

    November 15, 2021 – Release for the first edition of the CovSocial Broshure. It summarizes initial descriptive results of the CovSocial Project focussing on mental health and social cohesion in Berlin during Covid pandemics. 

  • Hair analysis shows: Meditation training reduces long-term stress

    07 October 2021 – Mental training that promotes skills such as mindfulness, gratitude or compassion reduces the concentration of the stress hormone cortisol in hair. This is what scientists from the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences in Leipzig and the Social Neuroscience Research Group of the Max Planck Society in Berlin have found out. 

  • Report in LaVie

    September 30, 2021 – An article in LaVie reports on the research of Tania Singer, in which Matthieu Ricard participated. It was shown that empathy, the ability to feel the emotions of others, can also be painful. They explain how to prevent this. (French)

  • Interview in Zeit Magazin (zeitonline)

    August 18, 2021 – War, Flooding, Wirldfires: from a distance, we feel empathy. Neuroscientist Tania Singer explains how empathy develops and why we need to train it. Interview: Sara Tomšić. Image by Tim Marshall/ (German only)

  • Empty Thoughts

    July 23, 2021 – In an article in the online edition of Science Notes on the topic of “Nothingness,” Tania Singer reports on the importance of continuous mental training in the search for silence in the mind. (German only)

  • Upcoming ReConnect in Society Masterclass

    Together with meditation teacher Günter Hudasch, Tania Singer will lead a 3-day Masterclass from the 24th to the 27th of March 2022 in the castle of Neuhardenberg with 8-week daily follow-up and weekly coachings. Organizer of this 8-week course is HR-Consulting und Coaching.

    Registration at:

  • Tania Singer is awarded the “Danke Skulptur”

    July 20, 2021 – The awarding of the “Danke-Skulptur” to Tania Singer highlights the appreciation and recognition for her commitment to the community. The following link lists the worldwide reactions of the people/institutions that have already received the “Danke-Skulptur”.

  • Workshop betterplace co:lab

    09. Juni 2021. In einem Workshop für das betterplace co:lab X beleuchtet Tania Singer wie Empathie, Mitgefühl und Perspektivwechsel unsere Arbeitskultur revolutionieren können. Drei Erkenntnisse sind ein einem Blog zusammengefasst.

  • Pioneers of Education

    24th March 2021. In a dialogue moderated by Silke Weiß at the Pioneers of Education Summit 21, she talks with Tania Singer about mindfulness, compassion, and empathy in education.

  • Burnout in times of pandemics

    25th January 2021 – In this interview with Miray Caliskan of the Berliner Zeitung, Tania Singer suggests ways to prevent health care worker’s burnout in the pandemic. (German)

  • Upper Story

    19th January 2021 – This movie shows three decades of collaboration between Western scientists and Buddhist scholars including interviews with and features of Tania Singer’s research. This long-term collaboration has revealed techniques that allow us to develop our mental well-being and improve the impact we have on our planet. (A German version is planned to be released in February 2021.)

  • Article in anders handeln – Nächstenliebe

    January 2021 – This article in the January issue of anders handeln – Nächstenliebe reports on the ReSource project and how to train compassion and other social skills. The interview with Tania Singer was conducted by Sven Rhode. (German only)

  • Participating in the CovSocial Project

    27th November 2020 – Reporter Norbert Koch-Klauke reports on the CovSocial project, which is researching how the Corona crisis affects the well-being, behavior, stress experience and social cohesion of Berlin’s population. (German)

  • OWP Keynote

    19th November 2020 – Tania Singer presents results from her ReSource Project, a one-year secular mental training program, and shows how those results have a major impact on leadership and preventing burnout.

  • Expedition 2025

    25th September 2020 – In an article by Barbara Esser on the subject of “When values ​​become deeds”, Tania Singer’s research on increasing social cohesion and resilience is mentioned. (German)