• Online Keynote at the Orchestrating Winning Performance of the IMD

    25th June 2020. Tania Singer talks about the growing importance of mental health and which research results have shown how mental training can help to increase resilience and cooperation in teams.

  • Open Bar Camp #Digitalitaet2020

    20th June 2020 – Tania Singer gives a keynote on #schuleneudenken (new ideas on schools) at the Open Bar Camp Digitalitaet20 organized by the Federal Government Commissioner for Digitalisation.

  • CoVid-19 BUA Grant

    8th May 2020. Prof. Dr. Tania Singer and Prof. Dr. Mazda Adli from the Charite Berlin together with a consortium of five other Professors, has successfully raised funds in the CoVid-19 Pandemic Special Call for Proposals of the Berlin University Alliance (BUA). More details and news on the “CovSocial” project will follow shortly.

  • Achtsamkeit per App – funktioniert das? [Mindfulness via App – does it work?]

    24th May 2020. An article titled “Achtsamkeit per App – funktioniert das? [Mindfulness via App – does it work?]” by Hanna Spanhel appears in the Stuttgarter Nachrichten. The focus is on the effectiveness of meditating with the help of apps.

  • Interview with Ilios Kotsou

    14th April 2020. Tania Singer was interviewed by Ilios Kotsou from Emergence about the relevance of compassion and care in times of Covid-19 pandemics and how to apply her findings to help healthcare workers with everyday workplace challenges. (French)

  • Can you learn empathy?

    18th March 2020. In conversation with Jörn Valldorf and Lisa Hinrichsen, Tania Singer talks about her research in the ReSource project. The interview appeared in the magazine Spektrum der Meditation. 

  • Understanding Empathy and Compassion

    10th March 2020. Tania Singer and Edwin Rutsch (Empathy Circle) have a conversation about how empathic listening can improve communication. Tania talks about the use of regular contemplative dyads and the effects on social anxiety and feeling connected.

  • Top 100 Publication in Scientific Reports 2019

    11th March 2020. The scientific publication Voluntary upregulation of heart rate variability through biofeedback is improved by mental contemplative training was one of the top 100 most downloaded neuroscience articles in Scientific Reports 2019. 

  • The brain has two systems for putting itself into someone else’s shoes

    9th March 2020. To understand what another person is thinking and how they will behave, the ability to enter into another person’s perspective develops throughout life. But at what age? A recent study shows that it is age four. 

  • For a brave management team, you need an awake and organised heart

    4th March 2020. Ahead of her keynote address on 25 June 2020 at IMD’s inaugural OWP liVe – an innovative virtual learning experience – neuroscientist Tania Singer outlines some of her research insights on building resilient and collaborative organizational teams.

  • New Publication “Power and Care”

    28th February 2020. This book, edited by Tania Singer and Matthieu Ricard, documents Mind & Life Europe dialogues between the Dalai Lama and internationally renowned scientists, politicians, economists and artists about the fundamental forces of power and care.

  • How 30 minutes of meditation per day changes our brain

    January 2020. An interview with Tania Singer about the results of the ReSource project has been published in the current issue of the mindfulness magazine “moment by moment”.

  • Hier und Jetzt [Here and Now]

    7th December 2019. The Süddeutsche Zeitung publishes an article about the effects of meditation and the scientific discoveries based on the results of the ReSource project. In this article by Katrin Blawat there are also excerpts from an interview with Tania Singer.

  • Bienestar Docente y Neurociencias

    28th November 2019. Tania Singer presents her research at this conference hosted by the Goethe Schule in Buenos Aires, Argentina on cultivating an education for well-being through the development of our highest capacities.

  • Self-protection or selfishness? About the pros and cons of mindfulness practice

    18th November 2019. In this report, broadcasted by rbbkultur (German only), Vera Block explores the question of whether the new social trend of mindfulness practice entails risks, and she interviews Tania Singer on her research and the ReSource Project.