Talks & Podcasts

  • Podcast SWR2 Wissen

    17th January 2021 – This podcast is based on a recording of Tania Singer’s keynote talk at the 10th Empathy Conference in December 2020. In this podcast, Tania Singer provides an overview on the difference between compassion and empathy and the important role of compassion in economics. (German)

  • Keynote: The Neurobiology of Empathy and Compassion

    19th December 2020 – The 10th Empathy Conference of the DAI Heidelberg in the framework of Geist Heidelberg took place with the title: “Empathy under pressure? How we experience empathy in crises and conflicts”. In her presentation Tania Singer talks about empathy and compassion. Can mindfulness and social skills be trained? How do empathy and compassion differ? (German)

  • OWP Keynote

    19th November 2020 – Tania Singer gives a keynote on how to reduce burnout, stress, and depression by mental training. She emphasizes how this is even more important during turbulent times and how it relates to business leaders and organizations. Link to full talk:

  • Radio Interview rbb88.8

    27th October 2020 – In this interview Tania Singer talks about the CovSocial Project on experiencing stress, social cohesion and resilience during the Corona crisis. The project launched in September 2020. (German only)

  • Interview with John A. Powell by the Cuba Platform

    22nd July 2020 – In this podcast, Sarah Stephens (Cuba Platform) discusses with john a. powell (Othering and Belonging Institute) and Tania Singer about exclusion, brain research and ways to more belonging, compassion and care.

  • The legacy of science of His Holiness the Dalai Lama on the occasion of his 85th birthday

    5th July 2020 – On the occasion of the 85th birthday of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Tania Singer was interviewed by RFA Tibetan radio station. A compilation of her and other contributions was published on Youtube. (Tibetan)

  • Online Keynote at IMD’s Orchestrating Winning Performance

    25th June 2020. Tania Singer talks about the growing importance of mental health and what research has shown how mental training can help increase resilience and teamwork in teams. (English)

  • Talk at the 31st Annual International Trauma Conference

    29th May 2020. Tania Singer and Richard Schwartz talk about the plasticity of the social brain and how to train mindfulness, compassion and perspectives on the self.

  • Interview with Ilios Kotsou

    14th April 2020. Tania Singer was interviewed by Ilios Kotsou from Emergence about the relevance of compassion and care in times of Covid-19 pandemics and how to apply her findings to help healthcare workers with everyday workplace challenges. (French)

  • Discussion with Edwin Rutsch: Understanding Empathy and Compassion

    10th March 2020. Tania Singer and Edwin Rutsch (Empathy Circle) discuss the topic of how empathetic listening can improve communication. Tania talks about the use of regular contemplative dyads and the effects on social anxiety and feeling connected. 

  • Podcast Sidewalk Talks

    3rd December 2019. In this Podcast Tania Singer and Traci Ruble talk about the ReSource Project and how heart-centred listening makes us more compassionate than pure mindfulness. They discuss how altruism and social stress only shift if you do relation-based practices. 

  • What is mindfulness?

    27th October 2019 – In an interview with Johannes Narbeshuber from the Association for Mindfulness, Tania Singer talks about her personal definition of mindfulness at the Contemplative Science Symposium. (German)

  • Podcast of the Alfred Herrenhausen Society

    16th August 2019. Lisa Rauschenberger, Tania Singer, Jamila Tressel and Alan Posener discuss whether school systems are able to face current challenges of a changing society. They discuss possible directions of knowledge transfer that may include the communication of values such as responsibility, empathy and courage. (German)

  • TOA Conference, Berlin

    3rd-5th July 2019, Berlin, Germany. “Training the mind and the heart from a social neuroscience perspective” (English). Tech Open Air (TOA) is Europe’s leading technology festival. More than 150 people shared their visions for the development of the world in the areas of technology, art and science. 

  • TODI WEEK 2019 Tania Singer

    30th June 2019, Cortona, Italy. Beyond Mindfulness: A Social Neuroscience Perspective on How to Cultivate Mind and Heart. Tania presents results of the ReSource Project and the effects of mindfulness-based as compared to socio-affective and socio-cognitive practices. She critically discusses findings with regard to their relevance to contemplative neuroscience and society.