Talks & Podcasts

  • The Revolution of the Selfless [Die Revolution der Selbstlosen] | Documentary Film

    3rd December 2018. The human being — a selfish being that only thinks about itself and its own wellbeing? In a world where only power and money rule, it can be difficult to believe in anything else. But more and more studies from psychology, neuroscience and primate research show that acting out of selfless motivation is a key human element. 

  • Tania Singer at Vivir Agradecidos — Extractos del Encuentro Educando a Nuestro Futuro

    24th September 2018, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Excerpts from the Educating Our Future Meeting, held on 24th September in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in which Fundación Vivir Agradecidos presented an educational model focused on individual and shared well-being. In this video, Tania talks about the education of emotions. 

  • EER Workshop: Tania Singer

    26th-27th June 2018, Berlin, Germany. Tania speaks about her research at the workshop “Experimenting, Experiencing, Reflecting – Art and science at work in the public realm”, held at Studio Olafur Eliasson in collaboration between Olafur Eliasson, Andreas Roepstorff, Studio Olafur Eliasson and the Interacting Minds Centre in Aarhus.

  • Meditating Together: Tania Singer on the Contemplative Dyad

    21st June 2017, Berlin, Germany. Tania shares some the differential effects of individual mindfulness-based practices as compared to contemplative dyad practices on outcomes such as attention, compassion, theory of mind and altruism, as well as social stress and autonomic body regulation.

  • The Brains that Pull the Triggers – 3rd Paris Conference on Syndrome E

    10th-12th May 2017, Paris, France. “Plasticity of Empathy and Pro-Social Motivation: From Outgroup Hate to Ingroup Favouritism” (English). This conference addressed questions about the transformation of seemingly ordinary individuals into repeated agents of extreme violence in groups (Syndrome E). 

  • Interview with Gert Scobel

    3rd April 2017, 3Sat (TV), Berlin, Germany. “Can one learn empathy and compassion?” In conversation with Gert Scobel, Tania Singer talks about the ReSource Project. In the long-term study on mental training, one of the research subjects is whether empathetic ability is trainable. 

  • “Power and Care” – Mind & Life Dialogue – Session 5

    09th-11th September 2016, Brussels, Belgium. On how power and care are two primary elements that may not be opposed but rather coexist as a condition of dynamic and constructive equilibrium. Discussion on the issue of “empowerment” as a component of engagement and care as an expression of responsibility for our planet and its civilisations. 

  • “Power and Care” – Mind & Life Dialogue – Session 2

    09th-11th September 2016, Brussels, Belgium. On the psychological and neuroscientific bases of power and care. Humans are equipped with different “motives” that influence our behaviour and interaction with others. How can psychology and neuroscience contribute to the formulation of new models of global cooperation and responsibility?

  • Motivations, Emotions, Decisions – New Economic Thinking

    30th April 2015, Paris, France. Tania and Dennis J. Snower talk at the Institute for New Economic Thinking conference session on Motivations, Emotions, Decisions, on bridging neurosciences and psychology with macro economics and on using Caring Economics to conceive human prosperity in terms of deeper sources of durable human wellbeing. 

  • Interview with Marco Meier, KKLImpuls, Lucerne

    27th April 2015, Lucerne, Switzerland. “You can learn to feel more”. As part of the KKL Impuls series of talks, Tania Singer speaks with publicist Marco Meier about emotional networks in the brain, the outdated concept of homo economicus and how to learn to feel more.

  • Tania Singer: ReSource – Training for Mind and Heart

    24th April 2015, Götzis, Austria. Many people feel that their fellow human beings are becoming more self-centred and inconsiderate. Tania talks about the ReSource and how empathy and compassion could be decisive feelings in transforming the world towards an economy based on solidarity, the careful use of resources and the fair distribution of wealth.

  • World Economic Forum in Davos

    21st-24th January 2015, Davos, Switzerland. “The Neuroscience of Compassion” (English). Tania Singer speaks at the World Economic Forum about the role of compassion in society and the economy from the perspective of social neuroscience.

  • Ideas Lab, World Economic Forum, Davos, 2014

    21st-25th January 2014, Davos, Switzerland. “The Role of Human Nature in Economics” (English). The lecture is in Pecha Kucha format and lasts 5 minutes. Can we train our brains to make us less power hungry and more compassionate? Tania explains how we can learn how to move to a new cooperative and caring economy.

  • Digital Life Design (DLD) Conference, Munich

    19th-21st January 2014, Munich, Germany. “How to Train Your Mind and Your Heart” (English). On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the DLD Conference, Tania Singer speaks about her research and about how the heart and mind can be trained.

  • From Business to Being – Teaser

    9th November 2013. Tania talks in the documentary “From Business to Being” by Hanna Henigin and Julian Wildgruber on Caring Economics — how altruism and compassion should be brought into the economy and using neurosciences and psychology to revise the outdated homo economicus model.